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Santo: San Miguel

Bulto (statue)
painted wood
provenance and date uncertain
San Miguel Arcangel
ca. 8"

Condition good, with missing items (arms, feet, wings, eye: see description). A piece of the rear of the cap has been chipped off. Santo is mostly intact, with paint adhering.

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See view of back of bulto.
View close-ups: head | waist and legs | upper back and head

Wood-carved statue, possibly with gesso coat. This santo probably depicts San Miguel Arcangel. His posture is that of either San Miguel or San Rafael. San Miguel typically holds a balance in his outstretched left hand, a sword in his upheld right. (San Rafael typically holds a fish in his outstretched left hand, a staff in his right.) San Miguel typically wears a cap or helmet. (San Rafael typically wears a crown.) Hence this santo is most likely San Miguel. The detachable arms are missing from this statue; the feet are broken off; there are two holes in the back of the bulto that indicate the presence of now-lost angelic wings. One of the eyes is a glass insert, the other appears to be filled in and painted. The bulto is attached by a metal rod to a wooden base which appears to be a more modern piece of 1x (one-by) lumber.

The provenance is uncertain. A previous owner said it was South American. It was found in a collection of santos that were purportedly from Peru. The date is uncertain.

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