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Scenes from Calcutta

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Calcutta is the capital of the state of West Bengal, in northeast India. The city was founded by the British around 1700 and was the capital of British India until 1911. Today Calcutta and neighboring Howrah are home to some 12 million people.

Street scenes

Street scene in north Calcutta

Christ the King Roman Catholic Church near Park Circus in central Calcutta

Buildings along Syed Amir Ali Avenue in central Calcutta.

Maidan and Victoria Memorial

Located in central Calcutta, in an area that was once a dense jungle, the Maidan is an expansive park with open spaces, sports fields, and some of the city's chief attractions. The open area was created by the clearing of the forest by the British, in order to provide clear lines of fire from Fort William, now one of the park's attractions. Another attraction is the Victoria Memorial. Built in the early twentieth century in Italian Renaissance and Saracenic styles, the building served as a symbol of the British Raj. The Victoria Memorial now houses artworks and artifacts.


< Maidan >


< Maidan >


< Victoria Memorial

Pool in front of Victoria Memorial >

Street scenes in south Calcutta

The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, established by the Ramakrishna Mission religious order, seeks to promote international cooperation and the study of India's cultural heritage. The Institute, which includes monastic quarters, guest lodgings, and a folk art museum, is located in south Calcutta near the Gol Park traffic circle on Gariahat Road.

< Bus on Gariahat Road

Motorized rickshaws on Gariahat Road >

< Courtyard of the Ramakrishna Institute of Culture

Gariahat Road from the roof of the Ramakrishna Institute of Culture >

< Quiet street off Gariahat Road

Young boys near Gol Park >

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