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Zebra and Birds by Nurdin Adam Shaban

Zebra and Birds
Acrylic on canvas by Nurdin Adam Shaban
ca. 35 x 24" framed


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View detail of zebra and birds.


Nurdin Adam Shaban, born in the early 1970s, is an artist from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, who paints in the tinga tinga popular style of his country. He became interested in painting at age 12 while a primary school student. He was forced to leave secondary school because of his family's inability to pay the costs of school. He enrolled in a painting class and began to paint full time, working for shops in Dar es Salaam, Arusha, and Zanzibar. He has since traveled to the neighboring countries of Uganda, Malawi, and Kenya to paint. He has participated in exhibitions in Tanzania and Uganda. He now tutors young artists and runs his own shop in Arusha, Tanzania.

Tinga Tinga style

Tinga Tinga is a popular style of art originated in Tanzania in the 1950s. The style is named after its original painter, Edward S. Tinga Tinga, who began to paint in this style under the influence of popular painters from Zaire. The themes of the pictures include African wildlife, village and market scenes, and scenes of modern life. The paintings are done in oil (or acrylic) on canvas. The style also includes pictures on bowls, trays, postcards, and other items.

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